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    Do dead stop reps to improve your deadlift strength

    If you are looking to build strength on the deadlift I recommend doing full dead stop reps as opposed to touch and go. For a lot of people the hardest portion of the deadlift is the initial pull off from the floor. By using touch and go reps you are taking this part out of the lift by using the stretch reflex of the muscles.

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    Is there a difference between a personal trainer and a coach?

    Is there a difference between a personal trainer and a coach? I’ve been asking myself this lately and I think there is. 

    I think a personal trainer is someone you go to because you want to get fit or you want to get into shape. They can assist you in your fitness journey. Their knowledge is good enough to help you but probably not enough to really take you from A to B. I think their knowledge is fairly limited which is more often than not due to lack of experience.

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    There is no best time to start powerlifting

    I’ve been powerlifting for just under a year now. I’ve got 2 competitions under my belt and I plan to do more in the future. Since starting I've had a few people say to me they would love to try it but they are not strong enough.

    My advice to you is to sign up to a competition a few months away and start training for it. If you can get a coach, great, if not do some research and plan your own training cycle. There is no point waiting until you think you are strong enough because in my opinion you will never think you will be strong enough. Let me explain.

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