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    News — calorie tracking

    Are you in denial about your diet?

    Are you in denial about your diet?
    A lot of people trying to drop body fat are most definitely in this camp. If you find yourself saying I don’t eat that much yet I can’t drop body fat the chances are you are this is you.

    If you have no idea how many calories you are eating yet you can’t drop fat you are in denial. There’s no point dropping your carbs yet pigging out on nut butters, cheese and other foods high in fat.

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    Results don't come from magic numbers

    When it comes to training and nutrition people seem to be obsessed by magic numbers. To be clear you should be very concerned with numbers! Knowing roughly how many calories you should be eating is important. Knowing what 50g of peanut butter looks like is even more important. In all seriousness here are 3 things there are no magic numbers for that you may still be looking for:

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    Utilise diet breaks to stay on track with your diet

    If you have been dieting for a long time it can get very repetitive and exhausting mentally as well as the feeling of being on reduced calories. Having to track calories or be very mindful of how many calories you are consuming daily gets extremely tedious over time and causes many people to fall off their diet over time.

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