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    News — Deadlifts

    Are you doing all it takes to maximise your gains?

    When it comes to training and body composition, the saying “ you get out what you put in” couldn’t be further from the truth. If you aren’t prepared to put the hard hours in at the gym even on the days you don’t fancy it then you can’t expect to see the changes in your physique and/or strength that you are looking for. The same goes for your diet.

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    5 reasons why your lifts aren't going up

    I generally train in the same place I work and because of this I get a lot of people asking me questions like how long did it take me to lift this amount or how long do I think it will take them. Not only do I have no idea how long it will take someone to get strong just by looking at them, I have no idea on their technique, what programme they follow etc.

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    Do dead stop reps to improve your deadlift strength

    If you are looking to build strength on the deadlift I recommend doing full dead stop reps as opposed to touch and go. For a lot of people the hardest portion of the deadlift is the initial pull off from the floor. By using touch and go reps you are taking this part out of the lift by using the stretch reflex of the muscles.

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    The basics still work..

    Every time I go on Instagram I see a “new exercise”. Whether it be using a bosu ball to squat to work on “core strength” or hanging upside down and scratching their belly button. OK, I am being sarcastic with that last one but you get my point! Sometimes people seem to think reinventing the wheel on social media makes you cool and more relevant.

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