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    News — fat

    Do waist bands help you to burn more fat?

    If I wore a headband and did a hard cardiovascular gym session do you reckon I would lose any fat off of my head?

    No, me either. However some people wear waist sweat bands around their stomach thinking it’s helping them burn more fat around the mid section. It’s no different to my head band except for my headband also protects my eyes from sweat 😎

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    Is Fat Making You Fat?

    Many people think that low fat foods are the best way to go when trying to drop body fat. While I'm not necessarily saying that's wrong it's not always right either. If you compare a product that has a low fat version and a normal version the majority of the time, the lower fat option has more sugar in it to add the taste. As I explained earlier in the week, calories are important and it's a good idea to have a good idea how many you are eating. So if the low fat option has the same amount of calories because it has more sugar; is it any better for you?

    Fat doesn't make you fat, eating more calories than you are burning over a period of time makes you fat, so it's always worth checking the nutritional information and comparing it to the non low fat option to see what the difference in calories and macros are. Pick the best option for you and not the option the retailers & clever marketing campaigns want to make you believe is the right one. The latter is usually the one that costs the most



    Pancake Day

    Yesterday was pancake day and I noticed on my media streams many people resisting pancakes as they are on a diet. Infact all to often I get this question... "Can I eat this?" Sometimes I want to say why not but actually I can understand why people think this. So many fitness people are telling people they cannot eat this and cannot eat that. Listen unless you are about to step on stage why can't you eat a treat every now and then? Show me that one pizza or cake that made someone fat. This isn't an episode of man vs food. The problem is many people have no portion control. They have no idea how many calories they should be eating and this is where the problem lies.

    I educate all my clients with having a flexible approach to their diet so they can factor in foods they like as a treat and it allows them to stay on track with their diet rather than falling off because they haven't had chocolate in 3 weeks so end up eating way more than they should. If you have a rough idea of how many calories you should be eating then it makes it very easy to be able to build your diet around foods you enjoy.

    If you are happy sticking to a specific diet such as paleo or "eating clean" that's fine if it works for you. Personally I like my treats so il stick to knowing my macro nutrient targets and calorie allowance. There is no one size fits all be flexible in your approach and have flexibility in your diet for long term results. I bet most of my clients had pancakes yesterday and are still on track with whatever their goals are.. Food for though have a good day people.