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    News — gym

    Do waist bands help you to burn more fat?

    If I wore a headband and did a hard cardiovascular gym session do you reckon I would lose any fat off of my head?

    No, me either. However some people wear waist sweat bands around their stomach thinking it’s helping them burn more fat around the mid section. It’s no different to my head band except for my headband also protects my eyes from sweat 😎

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    Think about your gym etiquette

    It’s funny how the busiest time of the year for a gym is when we see some of the worst gym etiquette. Working in a busy gym I sometimes see awful behaviour. While it can be frustrating when you can’t get on a rack or can’t get a barbell remember we are all in the same boat. Working together will make things easier for all of us. Don’t be this person..

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    You don't always have to lift heavy to get strong

    In order to get strong you need to be lifting heavy weights regularly right? Before I started understanding how to improve strength that’s what I used to think. I would regularly lift heavy trying to improve my lifts. I hit a plateau, none of my lifts were really going up for well over a year. Nowadays I understand strength training and I have learned that you can’t lift heavy all the time if you want to make long term progress.

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