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    News — muscle retention

    Importance of Retaining Muscle

    top performance muscle retention for women



    This post is especially aimed at women. Women who nearly always say they do not want to build any muscle. You do want to build some muscle! Let me tell you why. And also to those women that say they put on muscle really easy. I have trained over 100 women during my career so far and I have met no more than 2 women who put on muscle fairly easily. It's not as easy as women think it is to put muscle on so if that is your main worry I strongly encourage you not to worry about it.

    So why should women build muscle? Well first of all and arguably one of the most important reasons is muscle burns more calories than fat. The more muscle you build the more fat you will burn. You can effectively turn your body into a fat burning machine just by adding some extra muscle to your frame.

    Another reason is pretty much every woman I have worked with says they want to "tone up." When I try and get them to explain what they mean most of the time without realising it they want to look more muscular. They want to reduce their body fat to a point where their muscles are showing enough to give them a better look.

    Another great reason is to improve strength. There is no reason why a woman cannot squat, deadlift and do chin ups just like men. Women will always naturally be weaker than men but with correct coaching and hard work they can become competent in all lifts. I have women squatting over 100kg, deadlifting nearly twice their body weight and doing chin ups with correct form.

    Most women do not want to look like the woman in the picture I have added to this post and some believe weights will make them look like that. That is correct weights can make women look like that. What they don't understand is the amount of work it takes outside the gym to look like that. Most women simply do not want to look like that or are prepared to put in the amount of work it takes to achieve that look. However you will not "tone up" doing lots of cardio you need to pick up some weights and follow a fairly decent programme and learn to master some basic lifts and get better and stronger at them.

    These are only a few of the benefits to building muscle if you need any further advice don't hesitate to contact me