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    News — squats

    What are the best shoes for squatting?

    I've done a lot of squatting in my time and I'd like to think I know a thing or 2 about squatting. So today let's talk footwear. In my opinion the footwear you wear when can play a massive part if you are serious about squatting. I've also tried various types of footwear so let's get into it:

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    Let's talk about squat depth

    Let's talk about squat depth!
    A lot of people seem to get butt hurt if they get called out for the depth on their squat. If you want to post videos of your squat online then you are opening yourself up to be criticised and if that does happen you should take all CONSTRUCTIVE criticism on board. Anyway depth…

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    5 reasons why your lifts aren't going up

    I generally train in the same place I work and because of this I get a lot of people asking me questions like how long did it take me to lift this amount or how long do I think it will take them. Not only do I have no idea how long it will take someone to get strong just by looking at them, I have no idea on their technique, what programme they follow etc.

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    The basics still work..

    Every time I go on Instagram I see a “new exercise”. Whether it be using a bosu ball to squat to work on “core strength” or hanging upside down and scratching their belly button. OK, I am being sarcastic with that last one but you get my point! Sometimes people seem to think reinventing the wheel on social media makes you cool and more relevant.

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