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    News — suppliments

    You don't always have to lift heavy to get strong

    In order to get strong you need to be lifting heavy weights regularly right? Before I started understanding how to improve strength that’s what I used to think. I would regularly lift heavy trying to improve my lifts. I hit a plateau, none of my lifts were really going up for well over a year. Nowadays I understand strength training and I have learned that you can’t lift heavy all the time if you want to make long term progress.

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    Should You Take Protein Powder?

    top performance protein powder and nutrition advice

    Protein powder is probably the most popular supplement amongst gym goers. There seems to be a lot of misconception about protein so let's look at the basics.

    I talk a lot about the importance of building and maintaining muscle and to do this the body needs protein. You can get protein from food sources such as lean meats, nuts and eggs. So if that's the case why do we need protein powder? The fact of the matter is most people do not consume enough protein. This is very common amongst new clients I get. Protein is not only needed to build new muscle, it is also required to help repair the damage to the muscles after a weight training session therefore emphasising the importance of consuming enough protein.

    If someone is unable to eat enough protein via their food intake adding protein powder can be a way of getting the extra protein. For the majority of people supplementing your diet with one or scoops of protein powder per day will allow them to eat their daily requirement of protein quite easily providing they are making a conscious effort to increase protein consumption through their diet.

    If you are able to consume enough protein through your diet you may not need to supplement with  protein. As a really basic way to get started you should be consuming AT LEAST 1g of protein per kg of body weight. If you are unable to consume that amount of protein via your diet I would personally recommend a protein supplement.

    Another important reason to consume enough protein is if you are on a caloric deficit protein tends to make you feel fuller for a longer period of time which is key for hunger cravings. It's important to understand that you do not need a protein supplement to build muscle you just need enough protein within your diet because the marketing behind protein supplements encourages high usage of their products and could even potentially lead someone to believe muscle can't be built without it. There are plenty of people with great physiques who do not take protein, you only have to look at some of the callisthenics athletes a lot of whom do not supplement with protein.

    Protein is also not a steroid. I'd like to this most if not everyone reading this is aware of this but I just wanted to make sure we cover all basis. You can buy protein just about anywhere these days if we're a steroid I don't think it would be readily available on Tesco shelves. I personally use protein most days as my current protein intake is quite high and I find it hard to eat my daily amount just through food.

    If you would like any help on calculating your protein requirements contact me.