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    News — womens training

    Do waist bands help you to burn more fat?

    If I wore a headband and did a hard cardiovascular gym session do you reckon I would lose any fat off of my head?

    No, me either. However some people wear waist sweat bands around their stomach thinking it’s helping them burn more fat around the mid section. It’s no different to my head band except for my headband also protects my eyes from sweat 😎

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    3 Training mistakes a lot of women are making

    I train a lot of women. A lot of women also train in my gym and more and more I am seeing women lifting weights which I think is great. Being consistent is the number one way to make good progress. However I also see some common mistakes amongst inexperienced women training in the gym. Here are my top 3 with tips on what you should do to correct it.

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