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    Are you doing all it takes to maximise your gains?

    When it comes to training and body composition, the saying “ you get out what you put in” couldn’t be further from the truth. If you aren’t prepared to put the hard hours in at the gym even on the days you don’t fancy it then you can’t expect to see the changes in your physique and/or strength that you are looking for. The same goes for your diet.

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    Are you in denial about your diet?

    Are you in denial about your diet?
    A lot of people trying to drop body fat are most definitely in this camp. If you find yourself saying I don’t eat that much yet I can’t drop body fat the chances are you are this is you.

    If you have no idea how many calories you are eating yet you can’t drop fat you are in denial. There’s no point dropping your carbs yet pigging out on nut butters, cheese and other foods high in fat.

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    Why you should follow a good strength training programme

    When it comes to gaining strength the importance of a good programme cannot be undervalued. At some point in your strength journey you can’t just go into the gym and lift more. It doesn’t work, trust me I’ve tried it.

    You will need to follow some kind of programme designed to get you from where you are to the next stage. At the very least you should have a plan of how you intend to get there.

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