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    Results don't come from magic numbers

    When it comes to training and nutrition people seem to be obsessed by magic numbers. To be clear you should be very concerned with numbers! Knowing roughly how many calories you should be eating is important. Knowing what 50g of peanut butter looks like is even more important. In all seriousness here are 3 things there are no magic numbers for that you may still be looking for:

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    Do waist bands help you to burn more fat?

    If I wore a headband and did a hard cardiovascular gym session do you reckon I would lose any fat off of my head?

    No, me either. However some people wear waist sweat bands around their stomach thinking it’s helping them burn more fat around the mid section. It’s no different to my head band except for my headband also protects my eyes from sweat 😎

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    Be consistent for consistent progress over time

    Thoughts for the weekend. If you want consistent results be consistent. You can't attend the gym three days one week, one the next and none the week after and expect to see progress. Just like you can't eat everything you fancy, have no idea about the amount of calories you consume and expect to drop fat/gain muscle. Be consistent. Enjoy your bank holiday everyone make sure you don't set yourself back over the next few days.

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    Tips to help you stay on track with your diet

    There is not a one method suits all when it comes to dieting, contrary to what you may read. Low carb diets may work for Janice but it doesn't mean they will work for Joyce. Just because your friend or someone you know has used one method to get results you need to be open minded that the same method may not suit you.

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