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    The Top Performance 12 week transformation is a bespoke service aimed at people who want to make changes to their physique but want to learn long term methods of sustained and continued results with the help of a coach. This is not a crash diet or a programme that has you doing excessive amounts of cardio on very low calories. This is designed to not only help you to get results but educate you and arm you with the tools needed to do so. To keep the service as personalised as possible, only 6 people per course will be taken on which will allow for effective coaching in and out of the gym. You will be provided with:

    12 Group PT sessions
    Diet plan and Macros
    Training Plan
    Coaching on how to perform compound barbell exercises
    Dedicated email address with weekly email check ins and maximum 12 hour response time
    Dedicated support group for all members on the plan

    Once you have signed up and completed payment you will be sent an email with some information you will ned to fill in and send back. Once the course starts you will be given a set of macros specific to you and a diet plan to suit based on the information you provide. It will be your responsibility to send back the relevant information each week on the specific day given. Failure to do so will mean you may not be given new macros for that week if needed. You will also be given a training plan to follow in the gym if you want some ideas of what to do along with radio targets for the week. Please adhere to all information given as closely as possible for maximum results.

    Please note: The 12 PT sessions will be held at Pure Gym Barrow road every Thursday 730-830pm commencing 7th of July for 12 weeks. You will require a membership that allows you access to that gym before you sign up. If you miss one of these sessions you will not be able to attend another session to make up for it.

    Click here to sign up for the next course

    For members signed up on the current course click here for training and diet plans.