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    Top Performance was founded by Head Coach Micah Charles. His number one motivation for doing what he does is to ensure his clients achieve the goals they have set out together. He provides them with all neccessary tools to achieve these goals and embarks on a journey together with them. He believes the secret to their success has to be psychological as well as physical. By educating clients and identifying lifestyle changes he believes the results they achieve will impact them on many levels including accomplishing goals that were not even goals in the beginning.

    Micah has an extensive background in the health and fitness industry, including a degree in Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, a Level 1 Strength & Conditioning qualification as well as Personal Training and Sports Massage. Combining all these skills making him a unique trainer and he continues to learn, educate and better himself in an ever evolving industry.                                              

    Strength Training
    Muscle Building
    Glute Transformation
    Macro Coach
    Sports Rehabilitation
    Sports Massage