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    Personal Training

    We offer a range of personal training packages to suit all needs and requirements. All packages ensure that both your nutrition and training is taken care of. You will be provided with a tailored workout plan to follow as well as a tailored nutritional plan. With regular contact in and outside of the gym you can be sure you will get all of the support you require to help you achieve your goals. Packages include:

    One to one coaching sessions 
    One to one sessions coaching where we will go through exercise execution, technique and go through your specific plan. Sessions are tailored to the individual in terms of where the main focus of the session lies and what we focus on. Sessions are generally 1 hour. 

    Workout Plan
    Each workout is tailored to help you towards meeting your predetermined goal. Each week of the programme is structured with progressions from week to week. Please note: Workout plans bought alongside a one off coaching session will not be tailored.

    Weekly email check ins
    Once a week we will communicate via email/text to catch up on how things are going, any difficulties you may be having and whether we need to make any changes to your plan/diet. Where required we will arrange a phone/Face-time call.

    Technique Analysis via video
    With your check ins feel free to send me videos for technical analysis. I will either respond via message or where applicable I will create a separate video with a voiceover explaining technical pointers 

    We cater for:
    Fat Loss
    Muscle Building
    Strength Improvements
    Physique Transformation

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