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     Top Performance Strength and Muscle Coaching is designed to build you a strong muscular physique. This training option is designed to improve your muscle mass while maximising your strength in the major exercises such as the squat, deadlift and overhead press. The importance of becoming strong is sometimes overlooked in many training programmes. Not only will it help you to build muscle but it can make everyday tasks easier as well as the added benefit of increased bone density and improved connective tissue strength. You will be educated on diet and supplementation with a bespoke nutrition and training plan tailored around your goals and lifestyle designed for you to achieve maximal results. This programme is not only designed for men. Women can make great progress on this programme.

    Mobility plan
    In person nutritional support
    Private Facebook group support network
    Regular body fat testing
    Postural analysis
    Personal training is charged on a monthly basis with sessions to be used within that month unless agreed with you trainer.