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    I have been with Micah since November 2014. He has excellent knowledge of how the body works from both a diet and fitness perspective. He has designed a number of different diets for me to lose body fat and has created different “6 week” cycle fitness programmes throughout this period. I have seen massive muscle gain in the chest, shoulders and arms, the exact places I wanted to develop. I would recommend Micah services to anyone, but you have to commit!!!!

    Paul A. Donlan, Financial Services 


    I have trained with Micah for a number of years now.  Not because we haven’t achieved my goals or made progress, but instead because every goal we’ve hit has opened doors to something else, increased my confidence, strength, fitness and capability and allowed me to push those goals forward.  Micah has trained me for personal events, sporting events, major surgery and numerous physical challenges.  My number one goal is to be capable, capable to live a life full of energy and be able to say yes to anything knowing my body won’t let me down.  He keeps my training varied, but plays up to my strengths with structured programs that are well thought out, planned and tracked. He probably can tell you exactly what I squatted 3 years ago to the day!!  He knows how to get the best out of me and I have never tired of our training sessions. He’s been able to tailor my training throughout numerous injuries, even so far as training for a specific shoulder operation and managing my rehab after that to get me back better and stronger than I ever was before.  My surgeon even commented that my outstanding results were down to my trainer’s structured approach to my rehab.  Micah has a wealth of knowledge but always keeps himself updated and educated, I trust his advice and guidance without question. He’s my go to person for nutritional advice, sports massage, injury assessment and treatment as well as training.  He’s friendly, encouraging, supportive and down to earth, but most of all, he gets results!  Personal Training is an investment in yourself and for that I want the best not a shortcut or quick fix with limited lasting effects.  Micah’s the reason I’m in better shape in my 30’s than I ever was in my 20’s and he keeps me there.  Quite possibly the best decision I ever made!

    Sally Birch, Director of Kaiko Consulting


    I have been working with Micah for more than 3 years now.  I chose Micah from the gym’s list of trainers because he specialised in rehabilitation/injury treatment.  I suffered from a neck/shoulder issue, and had put up with “bad knees” since I was a teenager.  According to Micah it wasn’t my knees and I haven’t looked back since!  And monthly massages with Micah take care of my neck/shoulder problems.
     I’ve gone from hating walking 5 mins to the local Tesco to cycling 3 hours around the Welsh hills and signing up for Monster Races.  My “problem areas” still cause be issues my time to time but because I am much fitter I can deal with it myself within 24/48 hours instead of it taking several weeks with costly osteopath session.
    My goal was to make myself healthier so I could cope with my “problem areas” better and my weight loss (from size 16 to 10/12) and fitness levels have simply been a great bonus.  Don’t get me wrong, Micah isn’t a miracle worker and it will take dedication on your part to achieve your goals.  You have to be willing to listen to Micah otherwise you are simply going to waste your money and his time.

    Kirsty Jack, Legal Services


    Different people have helped me at different times along the way. However, the past year I've worked with Micah, together we have completed my first reverse diet, bulk and then cut. He has taught me to be flexible with my diet and about IIFYM, his training is exciting, interesting and not your bog standard sessions which I'm all about. I don't think I have ever not enjoyed a session we have planned together and I've done on my own or with him. I have grown mentally which for me is massive progress, slowly learning to overcome personal issues and beginning to accept my body. It's more than just getting into shape for me, hard to believe I ever wanted to be skinny! I have a better relationship with food which for me has been a massive hurdle and achievement. I have come from eating 100g of carbs to 300g, 1650kcal to near 3000kcal. I have learnt and accepted that food doesn't have to be a chore, restricted or detrimental to my goals but can be enjoyed as part of life and is in fact essential to my progress. My metabolism is heaps better, I've gained some muscle, loved my training I'm stronger and intend on getting stronger physically and mentally. It's a journey and it's not always been easy, but with his help and persistence I have made some progress. if you are consistent it's possible even if changes are small they are changes in the right direction. I'm excited for the future of my training if you want to make a change contact him you won't regret it.

    Claire Merchant, Acute Dietitian


    When I first started training with Micah my goal was to get skinny for a holiday and aim to stick to a gym routine for once (I was always the typical yo-yo gym go-er). That was almost 5 years ago, I am proud to say I've not stopped once! My goals have changed a few times over the past 5 years, no longer wanting to be "skinny". Instead trying to build more muscle and increase my strength - which so far is working! Micah makes training fun, satisfying and challenging. We are constantly trying out new ideas with training and nutrition. If you need someone to guide and motivate you, Micah is your guy. I am 100% sure if I didn't sign up with Micah, I would have joined the gym and quit a few weeks later after getting bored.

    Gemma Solway, Personal Assistant