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    I have been with Micah since November 2014. He has excellent knowledge of how the body works from both a diet and fitness perspective. He has designed a number of different diets for me to lose body fat and has created different “6 week” cycle fitness programmes throughout this period. I have seen massive muscle gain in the chest, shoulders and arms, the exact places I wanted to develop. I would recommend Micah services to anyone, but you have to commit!!!!

    Paul A. Donlan, Financial Services

    When I first started training with Micah my goal was to get skinny for a holiday and aim to stick to a gym routine for once (I was always the typical yo-yo gym go-er). That was almost 5 years ago, I am proud to say I've not stopped once! My goals have changed a few times over the past 5 years, no longer wanting to be "skinny". Instead trying to build more muscle and increase my strength - which so far is working! Micah makes training fun, satisfying and challenging. We are constantly trying out new ideas with training and nutrition. If you need someone to guide and motivate you, Micah is your guy. I am 100% sure if I didn't sign up with Micah, I would have joined the gym and quit a few weeks later after getting bored.

    Gemma Solway, Personal Assistant

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